Leona Lewis

Season 3 winner of the U.K.'s X Factor Leona Lewis is the real thing. Some are even calling her this generation's Whitney Houston. She does have the big voice, good looks and everything, but there is not as much of a diva vibe going on with this young Brit. While we could sit here all day and debate the Whitney Houston comparisons, a sign that she is huge is that Clive Davis and Simon Cowell have co-produced "Echo".

Her debut album "Spirit" was a monster hit and her follow up CD is destined to be the same. The first single "Happy" is a hit. And I'm sure more will follow. That does not mean this is a good album.

As is typical of the R&B circles the CD is resplendent with guest appearances by the likes of Ne-Yo, John Shanks, Timbaland, and Ryan Tedder. Let's skip past them because they don't really add anything to the album. It follows the typical pop album formula with Lewis's huge voice on display on many of the tracks. Most of the songs are about love and heartbreak – so that makes it kind of boring. We've all been there and done that before. Not even the lavish production behind the songs save it from being a pale imitation of her first album. The songs are boring, which is too bad because this young lady definitely has talent…to burn.

The good news is that Leona Lewis will be back with another album. And here's to hoping that the material will be up to her talent level.

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