Blake McKibben

Taking his time (2 years) to write and record this album you would expect that it sound like a thought out piece of work. While each track can stand on its own there is a common theme running through these 14 songs that hail from a variety of musical genres. McKibben's life is the common theme as the album unfolds like a story of it. Obviously it is a personal work.

The subjects on the album are varied – like life generally is. He sings of the death of a loved one with the same intensity that he puts into a song about the drudgery of the day-to-day at work. All emotions are dealt with from the heartbreak after a breakup to the happiness of someone inspiring you.

McKibben, like others before him, has chosen to be entirely responsible for his music. Meaning that he plays all the instruments, wrote all the songs, provides all the vocals, and has produced his own album.

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