The Besnard Lakes

Montrealers The Besnard Lakes will remind you of groups of yore like ELO, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, and the Alan Parsons Project. Words I can use to describe this album's music vary from moody to eerie to dark to atmospheric. Get the picture? It is a heavy piece of work with its guitar solos and gritty sound. Halfway through the albums it seems like they have had enough of the ballads and now are switching gears to guitar rock. This is their third album and they show no signs of slowing down the churning out of creative and different sounding music.

While this quartet comprised partially of a husband and wife duo make edgy stuff it is still pop music. On the experimental side, but still pop. Pushing the envelope they show their willingness on the album to use different instrument like the flute, an omnichord and mellotron. With all the psychedelic stuff going on here you will feel like you have been transported to another time.

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