Crash Karma

My interest was peaked when I discovered that three members of this Toronto-based quartet were ex-members of groups like Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth and The Tea Party. That is some heavy pedigree when it comes to Canadian rock music. Crash Karma, a band formed in the summer of 2008, is comprised of lead singer Edwin (ex-I Mother Earth), guitarist Mike Turner (ex-Our Lady Peace), drummer Jeff Burrows (ex-The Tea Party), and bass player Amir Epstein. And with only a cursory listen you will recognize that the four guys already have plenty of chemistry.

The music these four guys have created has a big rock sound to it. Paced by Edwin's distinctive voice, the band has created an alt-rock record that has a little bit of everything and will get some radio play I'm sure. There certainly is a 90s feel to the songs, but not in a bad way. What I mean is that it is pretty straight forward rock and you won't find anything like auto-tune on it. While some of the songs work better than others and sometimes I find lead vocalist Edwin a little too self-indulgent, all in all if you were a fan of 90s rock or any of the bands these guys used to be in then you should check this one out.

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