100 Monkeys

Sometimes a band can be excellent live and not have that sound or energy translate to their recorded material. "Grape" is 100 Monkeys third album and it comes closest to capturing what they are all about live. It is filled with the songs that they play live and once you listen to the album you will understand why. They are what the band is all about. Fans of the band will be familiar with the songs, but they will all sound fresh as they have all been remastered and highly produced. Not so produced that they are lost amidst all the fuss and in some cases the exact opposite happens as the production has given them new lives.

100 Monkeys play their own brand of funk that is hard to label or put in a box. And that is a good thing. There is nothing mainstream about this band. Everything about the album is quite distinct from lead singer Ben Johnson's voice to all the instrumentation. They are all multi-instrumentalists and play them all well. All the songs are fairly catchy.

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