Panda Riot

Panda Riot has grown by 30 percent from a duo to a trio. Originally from Philadelphia, founding members Rebecca Scott and Brian Cook added third member Justin Cheng when they moved to Chicago in 2007.

Panda Riot is one of the American bands that are credited with trying to bring about the rebirth of the alternative rock subset of shoegazing. Shoegazing petered out during the middle of the 1990s and is now going through a rebirth. As a genre it usually involves drum machines, female vocals that "float" and plenty of reverb.

The best way I can describe the six songs on the EP is by saying that they are of the swirling variety. The guitar work on the songs is dreamy and the vocals by Scott are quite ethereal. To be honest, many of the tracks are not that melodic – basically because of the chosen musical style. But Panda Riot does have its moments, especially on tracks like "Julie in Time" and "Parallax". Bottom line is that most of the music is very mellow and encourages you to chill out.

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