Emerson and Lake Concert Preview

Keyboardist Keith Emerson and bassist Greg Lake were part of the prog-rock group Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Their shows used to be all about lengthy solos, huge stage props, laser lights, plenty of fog, and even flying keyboards. When they decided to reunite and tour this spring they agreed that Continue Reading

Amber Rubarth

An album full of sweet songs is how I can best describe "Good Mystery" by Amber Rubarth. The simplicity of the songs really works. Because her writing and musicianship is so good you don't need to dress up the songs to make them interesting or catchy. Sometimes less is more. Continue Reading

The White Stripes

Midway through 2007 and before the release of their album "Icky Thump" The White Stripes decided to do a cross Canada tour. And they were serious about it. They played a show in every province and territory in Canada. Impressive! Not only was it their first Canadian tour, but they Continue Reading

Cancer Bats

Aggression, hooks, riffs ….sorta sounds like what you would get from a bar band, no? Cancer Bats, while being fairly new, are better than your average bar band. They turn it up a notch while still dishing out their own fusion of punk and metal. Lead singer Liam Cormier's screams Continue Reading