Amber Rubarth

An album full of sweet songs is how I can best describe "Good Mystery" by Amber Rubarth. The simplicity of the songs really works. Because her writing and musicianship is so good you don't need to dress up the songs to make them interesting or catchy. Sometimes less is more.

Singer/songwriter (and she truly is) Amber Rubarth's album is full of quirky songs that would have been perfect for a couple of those ultra-hip young adult films. You know, the kind that have great soundtracks filled with cool indie music.

Coupling the little girl voice with her fragmented lines Miss Rubarth really sounds like a poet singing her poems in a coffee shop. She sings of subjects we are used to hearing about like relationships, her feelings and life in general, but in an introspective way that makes it quite interesting. But it does not reek of an artist trying too hard, either. The combination of sweet lyrics, simple melodies and hope through sadness will win over all that listen to it, I'm sure.

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