Dogtown and the Z-Boys – Blu-ray Edition

Beginning in the early 70s a group of hard core surfers from California took up skateboarding and a new extreme sport came to the forefront of youth culture. This documentary about the 12 Z-Boys (not sure about the name as there was one girl) and how they brought a dead sport back to life and made it cool once again. Skateboarding once again became a worldwide phenomenon. Using empty pools these kids perfected their moves and jumps.

Using footage taken at the time this counterculture occurrence was happening, director Stacy Peralta constructs a story about these kids who went on to influence the likes of Henry Rollins, Tony Hawk, Jay Adams, and Sean Penn. Mr. Penn even narrates the film. The in-depth interviews with 11 of the original 12 are quite interesting because it allows you to see that these guys just wanted to skate, but ended up being billed as revolutionaries.

Special Features: Multi-Angle Sequences , Lords of Dogtown: Webisodes , Tony Alva Art Show , The State of Pool Skating with Tony Alva and Bucky Lasek , Alternate Ending, Deleted Scene, Extended Raw Skate Footage

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