The White Stripes

Midway through 2007 and before the release of their album "Icky Thump" The White Stripes decided to do a cross Canada tour. And they were serious about it. They played a show in every province and territory in Canada. Impressive! Not only was it their first Canadian tour, but they also made a point of playing in cities that would not usually get a show of this size.

Filmmaker Emmett Malloy traveled with the band to record all the shows and what happened before and after. The visuals, shot in 16mm, are great and show the band playing in bowling alleys, city buses and even the Black Watch regiment building here in Montreal. We follow Jack and Meg through Nova Scotia to play their 10th anniversary show and even in the Yukon. There are some interesting conversations between the two about their 10 years together.

The live CD is pure White Stripes – a band stripped to its barest elements and very raw. Meg pounds frantically on her drums and Jack White's intense vocals and distorted guitar playing. They sound like they did on their earliest songs. Despite the fact that they are just a duo their sound is powerful and in-your-face. With this recording you really feel that.

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