Butterflies Go Free

No matter how many times you go to this you never grow tired of it. Each and every time I go I am at wonder over these beautiful creatures. The variety of colours and the delicacy of their wings are wonders. It is a simple concept in that at the Montreal Botanical Gardens has a greenhouse filled with many different species of butterflies from all over the world and they are allowed to fly around as they wish.

Be warned that the temperature in the greenhouse is around 29 degrees Celsius, so dress accordingly. Within the one main greenhouse there are approximately 1,500 butterflies drifting around all the foliage that has been set up for their enjoyment. Amidst all the tropical foliage and bright coloured flowers the butterflies stop to feed and rest. There are also feeding stations filled with different fruits that the butterflies land on to feed which provide the public with excellent viewing opportunities.

There are paths for the public to walk on and observe the butterflies from. The path is not long, so getting tired is not usually an issue. It does get quite crowded in there so don't expect to whip through. If you are lucky and very still occasionally they will land on you. There are very few experiences in life like having one of these beauties land on you. Even if they don't land on you watching them flutter by is mesmerizing.

Additional Information:
-Website: http://www2.ville.montreal.qc.ca/jardin/en/propos/papillon.htm

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