In a small diner outside Los Angeles proper with only a couple of customers it is a day like any other. But that changes quickly when a man walks in and shoots a customer several times. He keeps shooting. Several others are injured. In the end one customer is dead along with the shooter and a busboy is also shot.

A customer named Charlie (Forest Whitaker – The Last King of Scotland, The Crying Game), who seems to have just found out he has cancer, has a superficial wound on his neck. He has been having a run of bad luck and as a result he has chosen to disappear. A man comes to his daughter (Jennifer Hudson – Dreamgirls, Sex and the City) to ask her if she knows where her father is.

Afterwards at the local hospital all the customers and employees who have and have not been shot are there. A psychologist talks to a young boy named Jimmy (Josh Hutcherson – Journey to the Center of the Earth, Firehouse Dog) and it seems like he is in shock. Jimmy won't talk to anyone. That is except his friend Anne (Dakota Fanning – The Runaways, New Moon). Anne father is the man who has been killed. Jimmy was there with her.

At the hospital, Dr. Laraby (Guy Pearce – The Road, The Hurt Locker) is upset as he had just been in the diner 20 minutes before the shooting.

Carla Davenport (Kate Beckinsale – The Aviator, Underworld) was the waitress working at the time. She is a single mother with a young child. She develops an interest in Dr. Laraby, who is married to Joan (Embeth Davidtz – Fracture, Junebug)

Everyone involved in the shooting keeps remembering bits and pieces of what happened.

The film, which features a large ensemble cast, is slow and plodding at times and that means it is not for everyone. This is a very character driven, decently acted film with the shooting affecting each character very differently. Any problem with the film comes from the script and that it is underdeveloped at points.

All throughout this film I felt uncomfortable. It is hard to watch how the lives of everyone affected by the shooting completely unravel. The film makes us feel that it could be happening to any one of us. And it is a little frustrating that nothing is really worked out by the end. It does try a little too hard at times to be a provocative, but still an interesting watch. A small film about human behaviour that won't have many viewers, but those who choose to spend time with it won't be disappointed.

Special Features:
-Previews of Fireflies in the Garden, Moon, Assassination of a High School President, The Informers, Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!, District 9, Tyson, Obsessed, Nothing but the Truth, The Human Contact, Rudo Y Cursi, Impact, The Shield (Seasons 1-7), What Goes Up, Dark Streets, and Elegy

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