The Pink Panther 2 – Blu-ray Edition

Going into a Pink Panther film you don't expect anything but silly, bumbling humour and bad accents. This is not Shakespeare here, folks! Even though I went in with low expectations and even lower ones considering the first Pink Panther starring Steve Martin was pretty bad in my opinion, I have to admit that the film was still quite painful.

Based on the 1964 original, a thief known as "The Tornado" has stolen a variety of precious pieces. The latest is France's beloved Pink Panther diamond. In order to try and get it back an international dream team of detectives is assembled. There is team leader, Inspector Jacques Clouseau (Steve Martin – It's Complicated, Baby Mama), Vincenzo (Andy Garcia – When a Man Loves a Woman, Ocean's Thirteen), Pepperidge (Alfred Molina – Chocolat, The Da Vinci Code) and Kenji (Yuki Matsuzaki – Letters from Iwo Jima, The Last Samurai). These great detectives are going to try their best along with help from Ponton (Jean Reno – Armored, Couples Retreat) and Nicole (Emily Mortimer – Shutter Island, Lars and the Real Girl) to capture this master thief.

Even though I tried to relax and enjoy the film it didn't quite work out. The story is silly and the ending is ridiculous. This wouldn't be so bad if Steve Martin wasn't so hopeless in the role. Everything from his terrible accent to his interpretation of the character is off. Maybe I am being tough on him and maybe no one could do what Peter Sellers did with the role, but still…someone has protect the film series and character that Sellers made iconic.

The makers of the film should have gone back and rewatched the original films in order to take the lead from them. That style of classic pratfalls and physical humour is what made this a beloved film series. This tries to be your typical Pink Panther film about a bumbling, incompetent French police inspector getting himself in outrageous situations due to his ineptitude, but ends up being a poor facsimile.

Special Features:
-Gag Reel
-Drama is Easy…Comedy is Dangerous
-A Dream Team Like no Other
-Master Thief – Global Crime Showdown!
-Digital Copy
-27 Pink Panther Cartoons

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