Aussie group Airbourne is following along closely in the path forged by countrymates AC/DC. So close in fact that it is a little too much and cheesy. But that does not mean there are not things to enjoy about this recording.

Together since 2003 the band plays a blue collar brand of hard rock. On this their second album they have made a few small changes. The songs on this CD are more rhythmic than the first. The guitar solos are not simply wailing, the vocals not as screechy and the drums not just crashing. Everything is done for a purpose and not just to be loud and fast. It all fits together and it a little smoother than their first outing. Don't think that this means that they have lost their edge as there are still fast and loud songs ("Runnin' Wild", "It Ain't Over Til It's Over") on "No Guts. No Glory."

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