Brad Mehldau

Some artists take a lot of time between recordings and make their fans wait agonizingly in anticipation for new material from them. This is not the case for Brad Mehldau. He has been recording jazz music since the early 90s and has been very prolific during his career. Besides not making his fans wait for this one he also gives them a double CD.

This 2 CD set from jazz musician Brad Mehldau who plays piano and composes most of his own music. On it we hear contributions from his regular trio partners, Jeff Ballard on drums and Larry Grenadier on bass, as well as turns on drums by Matt Chamberlain, saxophone by Joshua Redman and a chamber orchestra under the direction of Dan Coleman.

Everything on that album has that recorded live feel about it. Mehldau and producer Jon Brion, second time the two have worked together on an album, have perfectly melded the sound of Mehldau's trio together with the orchestra without it seeming too busy or things getting lost in the mix. The result is a classical sounding album that features some jazz sensibilities. The pieces are all huge (even if it is just Mehldau on his piano or Mehldau and Redman) and romantic sounding.

When you first listen to the album you might be left feeling a little disoriented by all the differences and sounds. It is an album that will be more and more appreciated with each subsequent listen.

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