The oceans of the planet are places of extreme beauty and varying degrees of danger. This juxtaposition is clearly shown in this documentary by the folks at Disney. An occasionally slow moving film, "Oceans" does not fall into the trap of being too ecologically heavy handed. They don't overwhelm you Continue Reading

Crazy Heart

Before going into this film I had been on the George Clooney winning the Oscar for Best Actor bandwagon but after watching Jeff Bridges' performance in "Crazy Heart" last night I have totally changed my mind. This is the male performance of the year. I went in with my doubts Continue Reading

Charlotte Gainsbourg Concert Preview

With parents like actress/singer Jane Birkin and singer/actor/director Serge Gainsbourg you had to figure that their daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg would end up doing something in the arts. Like her parents she doesn't limit herself to one domain and she herself is an actress/singer. Wearing her singer's hat this weekend she Continue Reading

Barenaked Ladies

This is the first release for those fun bunch of guys from Ontario – The Barenaked Ladies – without departed co-lead singer Steven Page. Page left the group in 2009 amidst some controversy; it is always hard when a co-founder of a band leaves the group. Maybe it is due Continue Reading