Barenaked Ladies

This is the first release for those fun bunch of guys from Ontario – The Barenaked Ladies – without departed co-lead singer Steven Page. Page left the group in 2009 amidst some controversy; it is always hard when a co-founder of a band leaves the group. Maybe it is due to that or all the turmoil members of the band have undergone lately, but this is a more poignant and less quirky effort from the boys. Ed Robertson now assumes all the vocal duties and does valiantly, but I have to admit off the top that Page's voice cannot be replaced in the band. A slower tune like "The Love We're In" seems to be where the band is at right now. Even the rockier tunes have their slower moments tucked in. For fans of the fun and frivolity the band has been known for don't despair as they have included one silly, rappy tune entitled "Four Seconds" for you.

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