This native of Iceland, who recorded her first album at the age of 11, has had quite a career so far and she has done it on her own terms. Exploring many different musical styles and working with many people over the years she has become one of the most innovative and interesting pop music stars today.

"Voltaïc" is the aftermath of her 2007 album "Volta". After that album she returned to the studio with her live band and made a bunch of (typical for her) amazing videos and remixes of previous songs. Then she hit the road with said band and toured all over the place. Returning to a studio in London she then recorded the live CD of "Voltaïc" in one take. This should not be surprising to those who have followed the career of this talented lady.

The first DVD contains videos of the songs on "Volta". The second CD is rare remixes of the songs from "Volta". It is very interesting to hear this woman basically reinterpret her own work. The second DVD of "Voltaïc" is a live one that records the tour supporting "Volta". It was recorded at shows in Paris and Reykjavik. It is amazing to me that this much creativity can come from one person.

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