Dark Country

This type of film is not made very much anymore. It is low budget and gory with not too many light moments. While watching it you will be brought back to the gritty black and white film noirs of days gone by. Dark and twisted. A hard watch (and probably sell) for many reasons.

Dick (Thomas Jane – The Mist, The Punisher) and Gina (Lauren German – Hostel: Part II, A Walk to Remember) are a couple who are virtual strangers, but have gotten married and off on their honeymoon. They are driving through the Las Vegas desert when the come across a crash survivor (Chris Browning – The Book of Eli, In the Valley of Elah). Not able to just leave him there they take him along with them. This is the wrong decision.

The stranger turns on the couple and tries to kill them before they can drop him off at a hospital. Dick is forced to kill him. Now the couple has to try and cover up what they have done.

"Dark Country" is the directorial debut of Thomas Jane. He certainly is single-minded about how he wants his film to look. It is purposely made to look low budget. There is plenty of interesting camerawork in the film. The acting is decent with Lauren German's being weak in parts due to some dubious script choices. That brings me to what is the cause of the downfall of the film. The story is confusing and ludicrous at the same time. To get where they want to go you have to take huge leaps of logic or it doesn't work. It sorta became laughable after a while. The redeeming thing is that it is only 90 minutes long and as such you won't feel as if you wasted too much time watching it.

Special Features:
-Previews of Blood: The Last Vampire, Hardwired, Blood and Bone, Blu-ray Disc is High Definition!, The Lodger, Assassination of a High School President, The Informers, Messengers 2: The Scarecrow, The Grudge 3, The Devil's Tomb, Dark Streets, Vinyan, Impact, Rec, Adoration, Rescue Me (Season 5), and fearnet.com
-Journey to Dark Country

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