You can hear the influence of post-hardcore bands like Saosin on almost everything that Florida-based band Oceana recorded. When they announced that they were ready to release another album I'm sure there was plenty of eye rolling in the hard rock community figuring it would be more of the same for the band, but they came out and surprised everyone. Maybe even themselves.

In between this their sophomore release and their somewhat successful debut the band lost their lead singer and drummer. It seemed like the end for Oceana, but Brennan Taulbee formerly of Comerica joined them and it seems like it has meant a rebirth both as a band and stylistically.

Instead of just shrieking the lyrics, Taulbee has a gruffer yet somehow elegant vocal style that is certainly more pleasing to the ears. He also has upped the ante when it comes to lyrical quality. Taulbee penned songs construct the whole picture of whatever he is trying to communicate to the listener. Besides a change in lyrics and vocals, the guitars have also become more grungy rather than wailing. It is a whole new sound that incorporates elements of metalcore and nu-metal to make something fresh.

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