Paris, Not France

This documentary wants to convince us that the Paris Hilton we have come to know is a character that the young lady herself has made up. The real person is something that only her friends and family get to see. She has made a career out of creating the character of an heiress along the lines of how we envision that life being. Paris Hilton has just played along and made quite a living out of it.

Today's world is obsessed with celebrities and their lives. We want to know what they are doing every moment of the day and things like TMZ satisfy our every urge to know all about them. Paris Hilton, one of the heirs of the Hilton fortune, has figured out how to give people what they are craving and has used the modern media to dish it out. She allows them access to her life through the tabloids and reality shows. All this without ever really letting people know the real Paris. This documentary gives us a glimpse of the real Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton has no talent or even anything particularly interesting about her other than the fact that she is rich. Somehow she has made people care about her. She has made her life seem like it is one party followed by another. Through London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas we follow Paris being Paris.

Then behind the scenes we are offered a glimpse into who and what Paris really is. Friends such as Donald Trump and media experts like Camille Paglia, Jeff Vespa of Wire Image, and Richard Johnson of Page Six talk about the real Paris versus the media construction. We learn that she even changes her voice to become Paris Hilton. She has conceived of the character as a naïve, childlike creature that no one could possibly dislike. We see that she involves herself in every aspect of deciding what the branding of the character she has created. Paris knows what she wants to do and what she doesn't; she is in complete control. And she has done a good job, thank you very much.

Paris Hilton has made herself into a veritable pop culture icon. A product of the media.

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