Get Him to the Greek

What exactly am I expecting from a spinoff from the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall?" Not much to be honest. Well, let me rephrase that. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" was an enjoyable film for the type of film it was. It was filled with plenty of crass but funny comedy moments.

Watching a film like this and not ending up disappointed is all about setting reasonable standards. Don't go in expecting "The Godfather" or even "Young Frankenstein". You will hate it. The story is not really important as "Get Him to the Greek" is all about the jokes. The comedy in the film hits the mark for the most part. Again, for the type of laughs it is going for. This is not brain surgery here or a film that they are going to present to the members of the Academy. This is just a series of loosely tied together jokes that don't really pay much attention to the story. It's irrelevant.

The film begins to sputter and die a painful death when it suddenly during the last 20 minutes begins to worry about the story. It is almost as if director Nicholas Stoller (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) all of a sudden woke up and decided his film had to worry about a "message" or how to wrap it up.

The basic premise of the film is that young go-getter Aaron Green (played by Jonah Hill) has concocted a CV full of half-truths that get him hired into his dream job. With this dream job comes the assignment, doled out by his boss (played by P.Diddy), of death. Now, it seems fairly simple on the surface. Green is to fly to London, collect rock star Aldous Snow, and bring him back to Los Angeles in time for the Brit superstar to begin his $100 million dollar tour with his opening date at the famed Greek Theatre. As some wise old person once said, this is easier said than done.

Aldous Snow, while a brilliant musician, is trouble with a capital "T". He is a sex machine, who loves to party and is also searching for the meaning of life. A dangerous combination. Then Mr. Attention Deficit finds out that the love of his life is living somewhere in California, so he is off on the search for her. Tour, and Aaron's career, be damned.

Keep your eyes open for the numerous cameos in the film – they are, for the most part, really funny/well done.

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