Toni Braxton

Award winning singer Toni Braxton has experienced much success over the years with numerous hits such as "You Mean The World To Me," "Breathe Again," "Another Sad Love Song" and "He Wasn't Man Enough." She sticks to her style of sultry, romance and tales of heartbreak on her latest effort entitled "Pulse." She kicks things off with the mellow "Yesterday," a tale of love gone wrong then turns it up a few notches with the fast paced "Make My Heart." Appreciation is the theme on the track "Woman." "Lookin' At Me" and "Wardrobe" are well crafted. "Hero" is also a solid effort. Things mellow out again concluding with the title track and "Why Don't You Love Me."

While there is no question that Toni is a talented vocalist, this collection of songs are good but not great like some of her past works have been.

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