10 Hottest Summer 2010 Fashion Trends

Summer is here! The warm weather means that we have to make fashion adjustments. You need to be aware of the styles that will be suitable for every warm-weathered occasion. With each new season comes new trends and here are some of the hottest:

1) Braids: Instead of ponytails try the loose, side braid. It is feminine without being too polished.

2) Denim Tops: Denim is not just for cowboys. It tends to come in and out of style and it is back. Depending on what you pair it with it can work for a business meeting or just going out for a walk.

3) Elaborate Earrings: Instead of a spectacular necklace the look for this season is eye catching earrings. The danglier the better. Ornate dangling earring make your neck look longer and bring the attention up to your face. These types of earrings work with both updos and loose waves.

4) Long Dresses Paired with Flats: A flowing long dress looks delicate with a pair of flats. You can dress up the look for evenings with some fancy jewellery or dress it down for a boho look.

5) Gingham: It is not just for country folk or at picnics, but can be sported in the city. The checkered pattern is quite versatile. It can be made retro 50s looking or modern and even sexy.

6) Jean Shorts: Jean shorts have been a staple for summer looks. This year the rolled up cuff is where it is at. With this look it is easier to dress up than the cut off variety.

7) Khakis: This colour trousers can work with dark coloured leather or denim. You can make the mostly male worn pant more feminine by cuffing them. Add to that look by wearing light coloured sandals.

8) Tie-Dye: It started off as a hippie staple, but lately has become part of high fashion especially if accessorized correctly.

9) White Dresses: Set aside the little black dress for a white one for the summer. With the right cut it can flatter any body shape and be appropriate for any type of event.

10) Bright Lip Colour: Bright colours on your lips brings a polished look to whatever you choose to pair it with. For fair-skinned women you should look for hot pinks and reds with blue undertones. Medium to dark-skinned women should go for lively plums and orange based reds.

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