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HBO's hit television series is smart and sexy. The soundtrack that accompanies it is filled with music of the Southern variety. It is a good companion, but does not really live up to the high bar set by the television series.

The biggest reason for the soundtrack falling short is the omission of the instrumental music that brings out the heat and emotion of the series. The original instrumental tracks have been written by Nathan Barr and are great. Probably the strongest music in the television series, but for some strange reason they have been left off the soundtrack. Not a good decision.

Set in a small Louisiana town surrounded by swamps and in which some vampires live, it is a highly original series. The music also maintains that originality as each of these songs has been written specifically for the series. Each song tries to capture the humidity of the Bayou, the passion of the vampires and the juxtaposition of the small town South against that of the big city.

The highlight of the soundtrack is the short theme song "Bad Things" by Jace Everett. It is a catchy country tune that really hooks you. There are other hot, sticky numbers by Dr. John, Lucinda Williams, Allen Toussaint, and Ryan Adams on the soundtrack which are worth checking out.

Maybe they will release another soundtrack with the tracks on it that they omitted?

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