Rogues of Sherwood Forest

England has become a destitute place to live. The tyrannical rule of King John (George Macready – Tora! Tora! Tora!, Paths of Glory) has made the people impoverished and angry. It is up to Robin, Earl of Huntingdon and son of Robin Hood (John Derek – Exodus, The Ten Commandments) to try to restore fair rule. Robin and his band of Merry Men, including Little John (Alan Hale – My Wild Irish Rose, Gentleman Jim) wage battle against the tax collectors and henchmen under King John's rule. They are trying to free those jailed unjustly, taxed unfairly and even accused of treason without warrant. Until all the wrongs are right and King John has been defeated, Robin will not be able to return to this true love Lady Marianne (Diana Lynn – Meet Me at the Fair).

Up until the recent revival of Robin Hood films, this was the last one of the English hero in green tights. While it is not one of the better versions it still manages to be entertaining. If for nothing else it is the first appearance of Alan Hale as Little John, a role he would make his own in future films. The action scenes aren't the best, but there are some good ones on horseback towards the end of the film. What did surprise me about the film is how good it looked. Impressively so for a film made in 1950.

Special Features:
-Previews of the Treasures of Columbus Classics and A Knight's Tale
-Original Theatrical Trailer

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