Ladies of the Canyon

Canadian (actually Montreal!) group Ladies of the Canyon (named after a Joni Mitchell album) are four friends (Maia Davies, Senja Sargeant, Jasmine Bleile, and Anna Ruddick) who get together to sing and for the love of music. If they get good reviews, people to come to their live shows and sell a few albums all the better. Their music is heavily influenced by that of their favourite bands – Fleetwood Mac, The Band and The Eagles. So as you would imagine what they record has that middle-of-the-road feel to it. Others might think of the Dixie Chicks when they listen because of the country sound and the female voices.

Though these women have four distinctive voices they all come together wonderfully on their songs. The harmonies they create are great. On this, their debut album, they demonstrate that although they are not veterans of the music industry already their music and songwriting shows a depth and maturity to it that some acts never achieve. There is also a nice mixture of slow and up tempo tunes on the album.

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