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Being adorable can only bring you so far in life and in films, for that matter. Not many actors/actresses are more lovable than Alexis Bledel (from television's The Gilmour Girls), but even her high level of likability cannot save this disappointing film. I say disappointing because I am a fan of her acting and usually like what she is in. While you won't be pulling your hair out with this one you might find yourself falling asleep during it.

Ryden Malby (Alexis Bedel) has since a very young age had her whole life mapped out. She wants to get a college scholarship, graduate from said college in English, find a great job as a book editor at Happerman & Browning, spend time with her best friend Adam Davies (Zach Gilford – from television's Friday Night Lights), and marry her dream guy. Her best laid plans go astray when she cannot find any job never mind her dream job and as a result has to move back home with her less than traditional family.

Through all this Ryden is supported by Adam, who has more than friend feelings for her. Even that relationship starts to go sour after her father Walter (Michael Keaton – Beetlejuice, My Life) runs over the next-door neighbour David's (Rodrigo Santoro – Che, Redbelt) cat which leads to he and Ryden dating. Adam feels wronged and withdraws from Ryden. Even once her life seems to be going better she cannot enjoy it because of the fallout with Adam. What is a girl to do?

Despite the fact that Alexis Bledel does a good job, Jane Lynch is her usual hoot, Rodrigo Santoro is dreamy, and Zach Gilford shows he has potential it still is a poor film. The comedy falls flat, some of the actors seem as if they are reading their lines and the story is so predictable that there seems no reason to watch the film.

Maybe it is time for Alexis Bledel to go the Anne Hathaway route and do films with more substance because she is kinda in a rut with these types of characters. That way she can exercise her acting muscles and show herself in a different light. And maybe get offered better scripts.

Special Features:
-Deleted and Alternate Scenes
-"One Day" Music Video by Jack Savoretti
-Real Life Advice with Alexis Bledel and Zach Gilford
-Know Your Strengths: Career Advice
-How Not to Get a Job
-A Guide to Moving Back Home
-Dress for Success
-Find Your Match! The Best Job for You
-What Not to Wear
-Post Grad Confidential
-Trailers for Whip It!, Fame, Flicka 2, Amelia, and Watch Romantic Favorites

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