Life – Blu-ray Edition

BBC and Discover Channel bring us another series that is a winner. Life is a 11-part series narrated by Oprah Winfrey that was 4 years in the making. With around 3,000 filming days the makers of the series shot footage on every continent and in every habitat. What they came up with is 130 stories of which 54 are being filmed for the first time.

These stories are from all parts of nature. With each new one your eyes are opened to the multitude of species there are on the wondrous planet. You will be blown away by how some species have struggled and adapted to survive.

Episode 1: Challenges of Life: Animals and plants use different techniques in the struggle to survive.

Episode 2: Reptiles and Amphibians: Learn the different techniques that reptiles and amphibians use to survive.

Episode 3: Mammals: The survival skills of mammals are looked at.

Episode 4: Fish: Episode show how diverse and varied fish are.

Episode 5: Birds: Birds are the only creatures with feathers and they use them for many different things.

Episode 6: Creatures of the Deep: Stories of squids, octopus, schools of fish, and Giant Spider Crabs are used to illustrate the multitude of species in our oceans and other bodies of water.

Episode 7: Hunters and Hunted: Eat or be eaten is the law of the jungle and the subject of this episode.

Episode 8: Insects: There are more varieties of insects than there are of all other species put together. These creatures survive because they are masters of adaptation.

Episode 9: Plants: Plants depend on sunlight, water and nutrients for their survival to get these three things they are cunning, competitive and opportunistic.

Episode 10: Primates: Because of their intelligence primates have been able to make their homes in a variety of habitats. Watch how they improvise and rise up to challenges in order to survive.

Episode 11: The Making of Life: Episode demonstrates how the 70 cameramen went about filming this series.

Special Features: Life on Location, Making of Segment of Each Episode Narrated David Attenborough, Deleted Scenes

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