Andy Kim

In the late 1960s and early 1970s Andy Kim was a heartthrob and a big star in the music world. He wrote such huge hits as "Be My Baby", "Rock Me Gently" and The Archies "Sugar, Sugar". Kim then disappeared for years only to resurface in the 80s under the pseudonym, Baron Longfellow then once again disappear. After playing a show in the mid 90s Kim was convinced to begin to write music once again. Keeping his finger on the pulse, he even has collaborated with Ed Robertson (of Barenaked Ladies fame) to co-write and produce a song, "I Forgot to Mention", which was recorded for this album. It has been 20 years between albums, but this spring he put a new one out.

"Happen Again" demonstrates that this native Montrealer's talent has not faded (nor has his looks). The songs on the album are full of emotion, heart, soul, and intelligence. He continues to write songs that will resonate with listeners. It is a nice listen.

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