What Has Facebook Brought to the Game of Love?

With almost everyone in the developed world having access to the internet and using social websites like Facebook what if anything have they brought to the game of love? Technology has been trying desperately to involve itself in this area in order to make itself relevant. Facebook is trying to position itself as another tool people can use in the dating game. But some question whether it has any business there or any real effect?

I've had talks with many a person who is upset because their ex has immediately changed their status to "single" the moment after the breakup or they even learned about their break up through that status change on Facebook. It has become the latest (and possibly one of the more cruel) ways to dump someone. Or pain that has been caused by a status being changed to "in a new relationship" mere moments after a break up. All this is quite sticky, no? People have also flown into jealous rages or teary puddles because of seeing photos of their partners all smiles in a photo with a person they don't know of the opposite sex.

All that can be said about these faux pas is that people should use discretion, common sense and decency when putting things up on Facebook for everyone to see. Isn't it a childish way to get back at your ex because you got to know that they will see it or someone else will tell them about seeing it? Even on Facebook there has to be some form of etiquette.

Recently I have even heard of people creating fake Facebook identities in order to try and catch their partners cheating. You just approach the person pretending to be someone else and flirt away. If your partner does flirt back with this fake person do you confront them then becomes the issue? And what exactly have you caught them doing? Talking to someone? Is that cheating? And what does this snooping and tricking say about your character?

What I came away with from all this thinking about Facebook and relationships was that couldn't we all just go on the site to simply play chess or Lexulous? It would make things a whole bunch simpler.

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