In the category of "where have they been", 80s band Devo have waited 20 years and have now finally released another album. The one-hit wonders of the mega-hit "Whip It" are touring (coming to Osheaga this year) on the back of this album. It is the original four members (Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale, and Bob Casale) plus from Nine Inch Nails and Guns 'N Roses fame drummer Josh Freese.

Trying a relatively new approach the band recorded 16 tracks for the album and asked fans to vote on which 12 they wanted to see included on the album. As a band they have always been able to lay down beats that are completely unique and that continues on this album. You just have to hear the lines "What we do is what we do. It's all the same, ain't nothing new" to know that Devo is not trying to reinvent the wheel rather they are trying to stay in their self-created comfortable wheelhouse. Most of the 12 songs still feature that swing that is so Devo it cannot be anyone else. They have thrown in some rockier numbers just to keep things fresh. With 80s pop, rockabilly, swing, and electronica influences and sounds on the album it is enough to keep you interested and believing that this band still has something to offer music fans.

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