The Bandit of Sherwood Forest

To fill our neverending cravings for more Robin Hood, the directors of this film, George Sherman (The Son of Robin Hood, Comanche) and Henry Levin (Where the Boys Are, Journey to the Center of the Earth), have given us a double dose. Yes, the film is about Robin Hood, but it is mostly about his son, Robert of Nottingham. We get the mature and dignified Robin Hood and the impetuous and adventurous son, Robert. Something for everyone.

The young King of England (Maurice Tauzin – The Pied Piper) is wrongfully imprisoned by the evil William of Pembroke (Henry Daniell – Witness for the Prosecution, The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit). William's next move is to try and repeal the Magna Carta which would bring England back into a time of autocratic rule. Unfortunately as the Regent of England William wields a lot of power and stopping him is not going to be easy.

Robert of Nottingham (Cornel Wilde – The Fifth Muskateer) joins up with his father, Robin Hood (Russell Hicks – The Fountainhead) to try to rescue the young king and rescue England from William's tyrannical rule.

Most everyone loves Robin Hood and for that reason it is hard to get enough distance from it to accurately review any film about the character. In all honesty the story isn't original or engaging in the least and the action isn't riveting, but somehow the other elements work together to rescue the film from mediocrity.

Hicks makes Robin Hood dignified and Wilde offers us a young, dashing hero. The cinematography is wonderful with all its bright and warm colours. Bottom line it is a fun piece of escapist adventure good for all ages. It is a film that will leave you feeling all heroic and honourable after you've finished watching it.

Special Features:
-Previews of The Treasures of Columbia Classics and A Knight's Tale

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