About five minutes into this film I began to wonder if this was a Canadian production. It had that look about it. It wasn't just because Canadian actress Sarah Polley was in the film, but more because it looked like, despite the science fiction and technology behind the story, they did not have the amount of money needed to pull off the look of the film. Lo and behold when I stayed and watched the credits one of the first things I saw was a thank you to Telefilm Canada. I was right.

The fact that the production values were a little lower than the level required was not what was most disappointing about the film; it was the fact that about ¾ of the way in the film became fairly ridiculous. It tries to go down the path forged ahead of it by films like "Frankenstein" or "The Fly" and even "Species". It never quite makes it. It goes for horror/science fiction and misses.

Scientists and couple Clive (Adrian Brody – The Pianist, King Kong) and Elsa (Sarah Polley – Dawn of the Dead – 2004, The Hanging Garden) have been successful combining different types of animal DNA to create new species. Even though they have been told not to the two scientists decide to go one step further and combine animal DNA with human. The result is a hybrid female that matures quickly.

At first they think they will kill the creature after it is obviously viable, but when it comes to that time, Elsa won't allow Clive to kill her and even begins treating her like a child. Elsa names her Dren (Delphine Chaneac – The Pink Panther – 2006). As she rapidly matures, Dren becomes harder to handle. The two have to hide Dren away at a remote farm location.

The beginning part of the film poses some interesting questions about the morality of combining human DNA with other forms of life to see what would come out of the cauldron, abortion, parenthood, and even the Electra Complex. Then it just degenerates into a bad horror flick with killing of cats and flying creatures. Then it even goes one step lower by doing the "ironic" ending. Groan!

It begins as interesting and provocative then falls apart when it just goes off the rails and becomes weird. The further it goes down this road the farther away it turns from the interesting science fiction stuff it does in the beginning. Too many lines are crossed and all of the characters become repulsive, except maybe Dren. Who you just end up feeling sorry for. Along with yourself for having spent $12 to watch this film.

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