K.Maro has been making cool radio friendly hip hop tracks for a number of years. While his music is mainly French, he mixes it up with English verses and has gained much popularity with fans around the globe.

This Quebec based artist's latest album entitled "01.10" is a bit different from his previous ones. K.Maro has added elements of electronic music and skillfully blended it with hip hop. "Music" is cool and one of my favorite tunes on this album. "Generation 80's" is upbeat and it's got an 80's feel to it. "Electrik" is slick. "L'Un Pour L'Autre" is sweet with the collaboration of his talented protégé Shy'm. "Rien n'a Changé" and "Reversible" are solid tracks as well.

This blend of hip hop and electronic music was a risk but it paid off as it works really well. Go get this album.

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