Maid in Manhattan – Blu-ray Edition

There are times even in a film critic's life when you just feel like turning off your brain and sitting in front of the television and watching something light then a film like this fills the bill. It is fairly mediocre and predictable, but is not offensive. It is also an interesting opportunity to see serious Brit actor Ralph Fiennes in a different type of role.

Working at a posh Manhattan hotel pays the bills for single mom, Marisa Ventura (Jennifer Lopez – The Black-Up Plan, Monster-in-Law). All the time she is working hard at her job she is dreaming of something bigger for herself and her young son, Ty (Tyler Posey – Collateral Damage).

The something bigger falls into her lap when one day at work she meets wealthy senatorial candidate, Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes – The Hurt Locker, In Bruges). Marshall mistakes Marisa for a wealthy guest at the hotel and she allows him to. After spending a wonderful evening together, Marisa's true identity comes out and the lie and the differences in social class seem to come between the two. Can they overcome this and just focus on their feelings for each other becomes the question.

This is the millionth version of the classic fairy tale Cinderella that has been done. The story contains cliché after cliché. Like many romantic comedies it is also filled with several unbelievable scenes. All that being said if you have enjoyed films like "Kate & Leopold" or "Pretty Woman" than this film should be right up your alley.

The film is lighthearted and not complex. Even so-so actress Jennifer Lopez does a good job in her role. It is not perfect, but will while away the time enjoyably. It is a film that only requires you to sit back, watch and enjoy.

Special Features:
-Blooper Reel

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