Saredren Wells

The fact that Saredren Wells (a.k.a. Drew Sellers) was making his debut album was not a thing that this musician took lightly. As a result, it took him five years to record it. Hard to believe that this stripped-down sort of folk music was that hard to record. But I will get past my cynicism to critique the result and not the process.

The album should appeal to wide range of music fans in that it has a kind of universal appeal to it. The strongest track on the album is the beautifully arranged "Broken Arm" with its tale of love gone wrong accompanied by some gorgeous strings. Vocally Saredren Wells does not possess a voice to write home about, but he uses it well. It projects all the warmth and honesty required by the songs in a clear way. Each song is made to sound like a story that he is telling you casually over a shared beverage.

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