Sugar Army

Having struggled mightily to get some recognition in their home country of Australia, Sugar Army is now out to conquer the entire music listening world. This album is a valiant try, but somehow I feel as if they are trying a little too hard and end up with a sound that is little all over the place. It is their debut album and that means they have to use this opportunity to grab our attention. That is not accomplished with "The Parallels Amongst Ourselves".

Some of the tracks are quite good ("Tongue in Cheeks") then others will just put you to sleep ("Maybe the Boy Who Cried Wolf Was Just Paranoid"). They are at their best when they work within the alt-rock arena. Some of the tracks feel simply like filler and go on way too long. Attempts at musicianship come off as pretentious and self-serving. They have to earn that right.

Worth a listen for fans of the band, but will not knock the socks off of any newcomers.

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