Fjord Rowboat

First time I listened to the album I was unimpressed. It was only on subsequent listens that I began to appreciate it. Then I became hooked. It will be something that you listen to time and time again.

Toronto's Fjord Rowboat has constructed a post-punk album that lacks colour. There is no liveliness to it, but it makes up for that with plenty of distinction between the songs. It is moody and dour. The music remains almost concealed throughout. It is like a faint heartbeat that never really picks up. But once you've listened to the album a couple of times you'll realize that the music doesn't have to surge for it to have an impact.

The strongest songs on the album is the sublime "Outta My Control" and "When I Speak of Violence", which features some great lyrics. It all adds up to a band that is waiting to be discovered.

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