The Book of Eli – Blu-ray Edition

Going into the film I was questioning the need for another film about the end of civilization as we know it. I was willing to give it a chance because of the fact that Denzel Washington is in it. And after watching it I see that giving it another chance was the wise choice. This is not your typical apocalyptic film in that it is not filled with nuclear weapons, aliens, asteroids that are on a collision course with the Earth and is quite dark with a large spiritual side to it.

The film talks a lot about protecting what is important and good about this world. Despite the fact that everything around them seems evil in the film they still try to focus on the good.

A man (Denzel Washington – The Bone Collector, Training Day) is wandering around the U.S. He is mysterious, smart and obviously is trained in combat. These skills are needed in a land where rape, violence, robbery, and murder are everyday events. Following no rhyme, reason or plan he just wanders from place to place running into different people at each stop. It is almost as if he is trying to find his destiny.

One town that he stops at is run by a corrupt man named Carnegie (Gary Oldman – Harry Potter and the Flight of Phoenix, Air Force One). Carnegie is looking for a book that he believes will give him the ultimate power over everyone. Not willing to help Carnegie, the lone traveller is now on the run from Carnegie's thugs. The thugs are traveling with a young woman named Solara (Mila Kunis – from television's Family Guy), who wants to find out what the lone traveller is all about.

Denzel's hero is not your garden variety tough guy. He is able to take care of himself but he is not exactly the flashy type. The character is all mysterious and able to exact some serious damage. He does a decent job, but this is not his strongest performance.

Directors Albert and Allen Hughes (Dead Presidents, Menace II Society) use their camera to bring across the message of the film. It is all about good vs. evil. There is the constant juxtaposition of light scenes and then very dark ones to illustrate the constant battle between the dark and light parts of life.

Unlike most post-apocalyptic films this one has some serious substance to it. The message it is trying to get across is clear that a journey is needed to get back to a place of goodness. Don't get me wrong though this film features some brutal violence. It doesn't try to hide its message at all and that makes it more potent. Faith, redemption, destiny, and protecting the greater good are what this film is about. Like "The Road" though it is a dark film there is hope hidden back there.

Special Features:
-WB Maximum Movie Mode
-A Lost Tale: Billy
-Starting Over
-Eli's Journey
-The Book of Eli Soundtrack
-Deleted and Alternate Scenes

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