Hip Hop duo 30H!3 has released their third album and Boulder, Colorado natives Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman show no signs of slowing down. Well, I should clarify that and say that though this is still hip hop music they have changed it up a little.

This time they are trying to be a little bit more mainstream with their music. They have also slowed down the beats and that might bum some fans out. It is less of a party album, but still features dance music.

The first single off the album "My First Kiss" follows their usual formula of catchy beats and using a hot female vocalist. In this case it is teenage sensation Ke$ha. Each track wreaks of them trying to record a hit single. An abrupt change of face from a band that featured lyrics that mocked mainstream music. Is it a result of pressure from their label? The after effects of hitting the big time? Or an honest exploration of a different musical style?

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