Is Casual Sex Out and Celibacy In?

I had heard whisperings but I did not believe that casual sex had gone out of style until I heard the queen of sex herself Lady Gaga say that she does not have casual sex anymore. She claims to be celibate and advocates to her fans to do the same. Interesting concept that. Being single and choosing not to have sex. I now ask the question, "Will it fly?"

Many singletons are getting out from under the pressure to at least have sex if they are not in a steady relationship by saying that they would rather get to know people first before they have sex with them. Another interesting concept. Talking to someone before you sleep with them?! I just wonder if it will work.

It seems that single people all over the world are tired of meaningless sex. Many have stopped having casual sex, drunken one night stands and non-name exchanging encounters. Casual sex is no longer seen as "liberating" or "empowering". With the rise in STDs and the like this is probably the safe and smart way to go. It also eliminates the inevitable walks of shame (going home the next morning/day with the same clothes on), the awkward "I don't remember your name" mornings and the Coyote Uglies (gnawing your arm off without waking the undesirable person up rather than deal with your drunken choice).

Casual sex is no longer seen as the way to go. It is seen as hollow and something that once that orgasm (if you are lucky) is over then what…you end up feeling lonelier than before you hooked up. It's hard no matter how you slice it to realize that the person you were just with doesn't care for you as a person but just wants you to provide him or her with some "jollies". Ouch!

My question is "Is it working?" For women it is anyway. I have read articles/reports that indicate that while some men walked away once it was obvious they were not going to get the easy score (those are probably not the guys you want around anyways) others become more interested. Women reported getting flowers, gifts and taken to dinner more often.

People who have tried this said they did go through periods of physical urges but then figured out that these urges were not necessarily for sex rather for human contact, companionship or affection. Maybe this Lady Gaga character is on to something.

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