Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo

Canada's first ever Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo took place recently in Toronto's downtown Convention Center, the same venue that observed last month's G20 leader's conference. Unlike the G20 conference, Marco Renda's (event organizer and publisher of Treating Yourself magazine) Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo featured no demonstrations, civil unrest or violence. Essentially, the goal of the event was to network all things Cannabis in a very peaceful and family friendly environment. Attendees and official participants from around the world joined together for three days of conferences, music, comedy and exhibitions. I have been talking about this event ever since I heard about it and I'm happy to share my weekend with you.

In retrospect, this wonderful Exposition welcomed everyone with open arms. For those of you with a social conscience and or an interest in social change, this past weekend's event was beyond epic. Anyone who ever lit a joint and felt better afterwards, educators, MMRP permit holders, activists, doctors, parents and anyone else with even a slim interest in today's cannabis society would have welcomed the wide range of information and products available at the Expo.

My trip began when I left Montreal at about 9pm a day before the first day of the Expo. I headed west on the 401 and meandered into North York at around 3 AM and stayed over-night with a friend. I woke up quite late the next day, but I made it on time for the public opening of the conference.

My credentials/passes for the event were temporarily lost until event organizer Marco Renda appeared and found my name on his list. I have so many good things to say about Marco Renda and I hope to interview him soon. Once I received my 3 day pass, I proceeded to the next area to pick-up a show poster, a judges score card and 10 very aromatic strains (marked A-J, in plastic containers) to be evaluated and judged over the course of the 3 day weekend.

I then proceeded to Canada's largest Vapour Lounge on the ground floor of the Convention Center. Before entering the secured room I was asked for my exemption card, after the security check I entered the Lounge, about 15 vaporizers where set up. I began to sample from the plastic container marked "A" (Purple Kush). Using the internationally renowned digital Volcano vaporizer was a treat, but to speak in German with Michael Schwartz the Volcano's co-founder and VP from Germany made the occasion even more memorable. After empting a few balloons I felt much better.

I decided to drop everything I was carrying off at my hotel. After rummaging through my bags I noticed that my 10 herb containers were gone. I was so frustrated with myself. I decided to look everywhere that night; a restaurant, a lobby, my friend's apartment and I returned to the Convention Center, although it was closed by the time I got there. Later that evening I began thinking that the bag was probably gone for good. I was thinking I should tell Marco about this inopportune event; but he hardly knows me; will he believe me? Tune in tomorrow to find out what happened.

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