Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo part 2

The Exposition 2nd floor

The exposition floor was packed with exhibitors and visitors from around the globe. An assortment of products and information was readily available. As I came up the escalator I was greeted with a smile and a yellow plastic grinder from The Green House Seed Company. Among the first booths I checked out was out of British Columbia. This fine company helps to provide physicians for ill people in need of meds. Also, hooks up MMRA patients with growers and vice versa. Check them out on-line for more info. Hemp fashions by Ha-Swesh were all the rage this weekend as they presented a fashion show and also showed off their wonderful apparel. Boxes of the wonderful new alternative/growers magazine "Rose Bud" were available for free next to Ha-Swesh. I highly recommend this fun and colourful glossy publication to anyone who appreciates a good read about Hollywood, western societal issues and growing, a very welcomed combination.

Activists, anti-prohibitionists pro-med speakers were out in force at this convention. Particularly refreshing was the wealth of information that these vocal groups shared with everyone in attendance. Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, Bob Marsh ( was introducing everyone around him about legitimizing and regulating the cannabis industry. Section 56 offered a wealth of information, including helping Canadians obtain high quality medical cannabis. I was referred to a doctor who will hopefully help me procure a medical permit; the doctor's name shall remain anonymous for obvious reasons. As many of you probably already know, medicinal cannabis has been known to alleviate several medical conditions such as: arthritis, auto immune disorders, cancer, crohn's disease / IBS, epilepsy, chronic pain, glaucoma, hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, multiple dystrophy, spinal chord injuries, PMS and much more. See for more information. The legal defence for prosecuted and charged marijuana users and producers was supported by John "MedPot Engineer" Turmel who has made helping wrongly charged cannabis warriors beat their so called "offences". Check out http://johnturmel for more insight. Leanne Brown of Plant Pharmaceuticals talked about the merits of finding the proper med strains to remedy specific diseases. Check out for more on this subject.

I was hoping on reviewing some of the vaporizers on hand but I was unable to review all of them, so I felt it's unfair to just review a few. Fortunately I was able to acquaint myself with the world acclaimed Volcano; VP / founder Michael Schwartz was on-site to discuss the merits of this wonderful device. The Canadian manufactured HerbalAire vaporizer looked like the most versatile and hardy among the bunch. The inventor Bogdan, threw the vaporizer on the ground while simultaneously talking about the apparatus' 5 year warranty. Also, HerbalAire offers a choice of balloon inflating options, anywhere from one to six balloons can be inflated simultaneously. Further, there was also a whip (tube) attachment for those people that prefer the whip to the balloon. Damon from Zepyr Ion presented another wonderful vaporizer. This one had a digital display and offered two basic models: the portable battery powered Zepyr Ion and the other one which I called the desktop version. Last and definitely not the least impressive vaporizer was the Roor vaporizer. The Roor is fully constructed of glass unlike any other vaporizer I tested. The flavour from this unique unit produced the best tasting vapours, yet a bit to delicate for my clumsy hands. In the end, all of these fine vaporizers were sensational but I had to purchase the HerbalAire unit for its versatility and ease of use.

The Quintessential hemp filter paper company from England was on hand talking about the merits of their filters and giving away samples of their recycled/chlorine free filter papers. Several other booths sold vaporizers, glass bongs, papers etc.

Plant nutrient and plant accessory companies such as Cube Cap from Quebec, Advanced Nutrients from California and Treating Yourself Plant Products answered questions and educated growers from novice to pro. Anyone with or without a green thumb was encouraged to participate in this informative back and forth interaction.

Several seed manufacturers were on hand to talk about their strains and to sell their seeds at very reasonable convention prices. I spoke with Arjan first (it was his second time in Toronto); he came in from Holland and he is one of the owners of the famed Green House Seed Company. In the eighties Arjan "met an old man in Thailand when I was really young, he told me to grow plants and that's how I really got started". The Green House Seed Company was in Toronto to present their new Strain Hunter films and also to present their new apparel lines. When asked about Arjan's and The Green House Seed Company's future plans, Arjan responded, they are completely secret.

Since 1987 Eric's Dutch Passion Seed bank has been in operation. They were the first seed bank to come out with feminized seeds. Eric's most popular strain is the Skunk 11 (this strain has been popular for years), Blueberry, Power Plant (Sativa) are all powerful and easy to grow. Dutch Passion now supplies almost 50 different strains. Auto flowering strains are becoming very popular. The company is currently working on more auto -flowering strains and is also working on developing high altitude seeds.

I spoke briefly with Aaron from DNA seeds who lives both in Amsterdam and California. He splits his time between the two locations with his partner. On this day he had high praise for his LA Confidential strain and also mentioned that he enjoyed the remarkable hash that came from the Sleestak strain (remember Land of The Lost). I also talked with him about his love for California and we exchanged Zuma Beach surfing stories.

This was the 2010 confirmed Exhibitors list:

7 Leaf Studios
Advanced Nutrients
Author T.A. Sedlak
BC Northernlights
Bodebuz Clothing
Cannabis Connoisseur
Cannabis Trade Association
DNA Genetics
Dolce Vita
Dragonluck Inc.
Dutch Passion
Easy Grow
Effort Industries
End Prohibition
Finest Medicinal Seeds
Free Marc Emery
Green Harvest
Green House Seed Co
Green Planet Nutrients
Grow Magazine
GTA Seed Bank
Ha – Swesh
Hemp Haven
Hemp Museum
High Times Smoke Shop & Gifts
Honey Bee Extractor
Indoor Garden Solutions
Intro Apparel
Ivan Art
Jack Herer Art Auction
Jack Herer Documentary & Memorial
Jardin Du Futur / Ecosystem
KDK Distributors
Help Kill Bills S10 & C539
Lethal Glass
Live Art by Joshua Boulet
Maple Reef Plant Products
Marijuana Music Award Performers
Medical Cannabis Journal
Medical Marijuana Cup
Medical Marijuana Seeds Wholesaler
me Glassworks
Mountain High & Cones
Online Medical Marijuana Seeds
Paradise Seeds
Patients Out of Time
Plant Pharmacuticals
POL-COA Defence
Puff Mama
Pure Hemp
Quebec Import
Quintessential Tips
Rainbow Med Cannabis Canada
Rasta Troll
Reeferman Seeds
Sacred Seed
Section 56 Medical Marijuana Resource Centre
Serious Seeds
Skunk Magazine
Smoking Papers
THC Expose
The Happy Hippie
Toronto Compassion Centre
Toronto Hemp Company
Treating Yourself Magazine
Trim Pro
Vancouver Seed Bank
Vaporite Vaporizers
Volcano Vaporizer
Weed World Magazine
West Coast Gifts
Where Heads Meet
Wong Bong Glass Werx
Zephyr Vaporizers

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