Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo part 3

Canada's largest Vapour Lounge

When arriving at the Convention Center, it was apparent that security officers were checking to make sure that all attendees were wearing their wrist bands or passes. There was also an official and legitimate medical feeling to this expo as many of the vendor's products were designed for medical usage with lots of literature on medical marijuana benefits as opposed to prescription drugs.

Fortunately, I was asked to report on Canada's largest "Vapour Lounge". No one under 19 was allowed entry with the exception of one licensed 17 year old with a terminal bone disease. So, without any delay, I made my way over to the entrance. I was immediately stopped outside the door by a security guard who insisted on seeing my medical MJ ID.

Once inside, I immediately noticed a vaguely familiar smell of marijuana mixed with a popcorn odour. Was I suddenly transported to a 1979 Cheech and Chong movie? No, this is the smell that comes from vaporizing marijuana! Next, I moseyed up to one of the many vapour tables that were there and began to test the medical samples that were supplied to me. This was tough work but someone had to do it. Each sample was very different in appearance and they were all quite palatable. After the first two or three bags it was a bit difficult to distinguish their unique individual characteristics, but it was still a lot of fun trying! Joking aside, this expo is clearly for the purpose of medical marijuana advancement.

There were many individuals present who were clearly suffering from one ailment or another and were in need of the incredible medicine. Marijuana has many helpful uses. It can ease pain, stimulate appetites (for cancer patients and other nauseating ailments) and help with many forms of anxiety and schizophrenia. There is even some solid evidence that one of it's cannabinoids called CBD (cannabinol, a non-psychoactive type) does attack cancer cells. Who would've ever guessed that the cure for cancer lies in weed?!? Maybe it's time for the world to stop resisting this plant and begin to accept it's overwhelming beneficial uses?

Overall, I was very impressed by the Treating Yourself Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and have a great respect for the event organizer, Marco Renda. Although it didn't receive the turnout and numbers that we were expecting, it was still a great success in my eyes. There's always next year when I'm sure this event will attract a much larger crowd, after the positive response it has received this past weekend. People met here and found some real relief for their ailments and everyone was happy and smiling. I didn't see any protesting or violence anywhere. It was pure bliss.

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