Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo part 4

The John Bassett Theatre Level 100

An abundance of speakers, comedians and musicians shared their views inside The John Bassett Theatre, Level 100 of the convention Center. It was in this intimate (1300 Seating Capacity) theatre that the weekend began and it was also in this place where the three day event adjourned. However, throughout the weekend the wealth of art and information that was emanating from within the theatre's walls was extensive.

The festival's theme song "It's Just a Plant" was introduced in the morning of the first day of the Expo. Sandwiched in-between were the following:

"Seminars by Dr.Bob Melamede, Dr.Juan Sanchez-Ramos, Mary Lynn Mathre, Michael Krawitz, Dr. Alexander Sumach, Dr. Paul Hornby

Music by Los Marijuanos, Rich Hardesty, Winter Springs, Sahra Indio, E.O.S. , Chief Greenbud, Jet Baker, Paul Bullock, Northern Lights, DJ Slim, Wank Punter, Real One, Errol Blackwood

Comedians: Howard Dover, Dave Martin, Paul Haywood and Jeffrey Peterson

5 International Documentaries Premiering in Canada
Jack Herer's The Emperr Wears No Clothes ( USA ) – By Jack Herer & Melissa Balin
Perscribed Grass ( Isreal ) – By Zack Klein
Strain Hunters India ( Holland ) – By Arjan Roskam aka King of Cannabi
Waiting to Inhale (USA) – By Jed Riffe
What if Cannabis Cured Cancer? (USA) By Len Richmond
Hemp Fashion Show by Ha-Swesh
The final event of the weekend was the Medical Marijuana Cup and Marijuana Music Award Ceremony. This was a great way to end the weekend. Awards were presented to various musicians and private growers, clubs and breeders. I will include the winners once I have received the list.

Even though The Exposition had several additional enticing characteristics to write about such as the wonderful midnight cruise on Lake Ontario and the petitions, the clothing, the visitors and much more; I will stop here. Thanks Marco, this past weekend was astonishing. As I continue to write this review I realize that it is difficult to close up my laptop and move on. I know that once I stop writing this article I will be one short step removed from this year's spectacular event yet one giant step closer to nest year's edition. I hope I have peaked your interest sufficiently to get you to visit Toronto next summer for the second annual Canadian Medical Marijuana and Hemp Expo; I hope to see you there.

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