Robert Randolph and the Family Band

Robert Randolph has undertaken to record one album that is a tribute to the last 100 years of African-American music. This is no small task. As it was produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett you begin to think that it is possible. They have selected a song from each decade and given it the Robert Randolph twist. They have used older songs, but each of them sounds completely modern.

Most of the songs convey the message of hope and are positive. It is not an album that you will drive cross country to nor that you will pop on during a party, but it is one that when you are sitting down with a few people to have a drink with that you will turn to.

Robert Randolph possesses a talent that is quite stunning at times. The sounds and emotions that he can get out of his guitar are amazing. Part of his talent on this album is to know when to step back and blend in with the rest of the band. Though there are still a number of solos that will knock your socks off. A mature piece of work.

There are great guest turns by Ben Harper, Leon Russell and Doyle Bramhall III. An album that will appeal to music fans of all ages.

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