The Game: The Final Season

Love and laughter is what this comedy is all about. We follow the friendships of the sexy and confident women who are the women behind the men, who are the high performance athletes who play professional football for San Diego Sabers. Unfortunately this is the last season of the series, which was a spinoff from the series "Girlfriends", so enjoy it while you can.

Episode 1: Baby on Board: Melanie (played by Tia Mowry) decides to try and get back together with Derwin (played by Pooch Hall).

Episode 2: Mel-Odrama: Kelly (played by Brittany Daniel) tells the girls that she is divorcing Jason (played by Coby Bell).

Episode 3: Just When I Thought I Was Out…She Pulls Me Back In: Malik (played by Hosea Chanchez) begins to suspect that Robin (played by Robin Givens) married him just for the publicity.

Episode 4: Just the Three of Us: Melanie is jealous of the time that Derwin spends with Janay.

Episode 5: A Delectable Basket of Treats: Tasha (played by Wendy Raquel Robinson) goes to Malik and Robin's wedding reception without Rick (played by Rick Fox).

Episode 6: The Platski Thickens: Though they are separated, Kelly is hurt when she finds Jason with another woman.

Episode 7: White Coats and White Lies: Melanie loses her grant money and is forced to ask her parents for financial help.

Episode 8: The Side-Part, Under Episode: Just a few weeks into her residency, Melanie hooks up with her supervising doctor.

Episode 9: Oh, What a Night: Melanie double books herself by making dates with the doctor and Derwin.

Episode 10: The Negotiation Episode: Kelly and Jason consider reconciling.

Episode 11: Insert Car Here: Derwin tries to maintain a relationship with Melanie without being physical.

Episode 12: Stay Fierce, Malik: While doing a tv interview Robin hints at the fact that Malik is gay.

Episode 13: Do the Wright Thing: Jason gets Kelly's help bringing Clay's (played by Marcello Thedford) boyfriend into the Sunbeams.

Episode 14: Punk Ass Chauncey: Tasha sets it up so that Malik finally meets his long-absent father, Chauncey (played by Michael Boatman).

Episode 15: Take a Bow: Tasha gives Rick some of her sales techniques in order to save him from getting fired and it leads to Rick proposing to her.

Episode 16: Truth and Consequences: Feeling betrayed by Kelly, Tasha introduces Jason to Camille (played by Stacey Dash), a sports talk show host.

Episode 17: Hill Street Blues: Janay's former boyfriend comes back into the picture while Melanie hooks up with the cable guy and Kelly begins dating a gym owner, Roman (played by Jason Momoa).

Episode 18: The Third Legacy: Malik meets his half-sister, Pucci (played by Lisa Tucker).

Episode 19: Put a Ring On It: Derwin and Melanie get engaged.

Episode 20: The Fall of the Roman: Jason asks Kelly's permission to introduce Camille to their daughter.

Episode 21: I Want It All and I Want It Now/The Wedding Episode: Before he marries Melanie, Derwin has to win over her parents.

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