Kelly’s Heroes/Where Eagles Dare – Blu-ray Edtion

Warner Brothers has packaged together and given the blu-ray treatment to two action classics: "Kelly's Heroes" and "Where Eagles Dare". These are two World War II films starring Clint Eastwood and directed by Brian G. Hutton. Though the films are both decent I was expecting more in the way of special features.

Kelly's Heroes directed by Brian G. Hutton:

Originally released in 1970, this action flick looks a little dated but is still worth a look. It was meant to be a variation on the film "The Dirty Dozen". It follows the story of a group of American soldiers that attempt to steal some gold behind enemy lines during World War II.

A German colonel is captured and Lieutenant Kelly (played by Clint Eastwood) gets him drunk to find out that he is trying to ship $1.6 million in gold to somewhere in France. Kelly wants to get his hands on the gold and gathers a few of his army buddies to pull off the caper during their upcoming R&R behind enemy lines.

Where Eagles Dare directed by Brian G. Hutton:

Originally released in 1968, during World War II a British aircraft is shot down and lands somewhere in Nazi territory. The only survivor, an American General, is captured by the Germans. Unbeknownst to the Germans the General knows all the details of D-Day. The British know this and are determined to get him back before he cracks under interrogation and spills all the information about the plans. Major John Smith (played by Richard Burton) is given a top notch team to go in and get him back. There is one American Ranger, Lieutenant Schaffer (played by Clint Eastwood), who is included in the group. When one man dies upon landing, Schaffer begins to think there is more to the mission than they are letting on.

Special Features: Theatrical Trailers, On Location: Where eagles Dare

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