Crowded House

It's been a while since this popular Australian/New Zealand outfit has released a record and listening to this one leads me to believe that they have not forgotten what made them popular in the first place. Their fans expect lyrics that are a notch above and music that provokes emotion.

Though the album starts off with a fairly rocky number (for their standards), "Saturday Sun", it is an anomaly as the rest of the album features more demure numbers with well-constructed lyrics courtesy of frontman Neil Finn that fans have come to know and love him/them for.

"Intriguer" is filled with pensive and moody numbers that will burrow their way into your heart and brain after a few listens. The songs are not the catchy, commercial ditties from earlier in their career, but are more of the Finn's solo work variety. You get yearning, loss, despair, solitude, and even anger on these tracks.

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